Veronica Agostini Current Exhibition at Freddy Beras Goico Palace of Fine Arts, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Opening: January 24 to February 24, 2019


Galeria Nacional Palacio de Bellas Artes

Since the secret appeared in the commercial box of Victoria’s Secret, my mind was an incessant explosion of creativity. Kidnapped by the brilliant vision and taken off guard, I worked continuously for the past two years producing a great body of artwork as a “Tribute” to the company. Besides the 30 works of art I have produced between paintings and small sculptures, there are many more that multiply and live scribbled in my sketchbook impatient to feel an emotion. 

Coming soon my Solo Exhibit:


“Artist reveals Victoria’s Secret”


Inspired by one of my recurrent theme of the series of paintings “The Opening Can”

As I prepare to present the new project to Victoria’s Secret, the artist’s diary is born. Swallowed by my visions I suddenly find myself on a new journey where painting and writing are intimately accompanied by an explosion of vibrant colors and creativity. They both slip on the naked canvases and without hesitating the diary becomes an illustrated biography. Mine. With feverish euphoria I travel my pilgrimage from Rome to Los Angeles up to the Dominican Republic, accompanied by the striptease of the sensual pear born at the origins of my career. “The mysteries encountered in the journey unfold and the artist’s life opens up with its secrets… intimate thoughts hidden down there in the surreal depths of the soul… where everything is possible.” 

Coming soon… 



“Artist reveals Victoria’s Secret”


The artist travel diary


Veronica’s work has appeared in Angeleno Magazine, Brentwood Magazine, Art Business News Magazine, Hollywood Community Guide, Los Feliz and Silverlake, Community Guide, Diario Libre, Sosua News, Listin Diario, Showcase Winner Art Slant, Home and Garden Cable Network TV profile.


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