To Victoria’s Secret


Calle Paraiso #22 La Mulata, Sosua 57000 Dominican Republic – 829 747 1717 –



Dear Victoria’s Secret CEO / Creative Artistic Director, I would like to invite you to be part of my upcoming event.

My name is Veronica Agostini, an Italian artist relocated for 13 years in the United States and landed in the Dominican Republic 9 years ago. Since my authentic vision has arrived for Victoria’s Secret, which I have loved from the time of Los Angeles, it is extremely important for me to present this project to your company.

It’s from when I remember being an artist that the journey of the pear peeled by a sardine can opener began. Intimately scented with surrealism, the fruit has followed its path in a heterogeneous striptease through the years of my artistic career and in distinguished and prestigious art galleries around the world. The more the voluptuous pear disrobed from her sensual red clothes and the more I learned to know myself deeply. Until one day the fruit remained completely naked…leaving me in front of the only truth that gives a concrete meaning to life: “Essence”. Free from any existential logic, the pear suddenly wears a bra and becomes Victoria’s secret. “VICTORIA’S SECRET!” It is her pure “essence”, elegant, virtuous and unquestionably sinless.

Since the secret appeared in Victoria’s Secret’s shopping bag, my mind was an incessant explosion of creativity. Kidnapped by the brilliant vision and taken off guard, I worked continuously for over two years producing a great body of artwork as a “Tribute” to your company. Besides the 30 works of art I have produced between paintings and small sculptures, there are many more that multiply and live scribbled in my sketchbook impatient to feel an emotion.

The calendar I painted in honor of twelve wonderful Victoria’s Secret models has arrived to the last month and tells me that it’s time to introduce my project to you.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet you, to have your approval and suggestions on the evolution of my project.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 829. 747 1717 or email me at:

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

I do look forward to meeting you. Sincerely,

Veronica Agostini

PS. The antique pink lace bra worn by the pear on that fateful day was my favorite bra belonging to Victoria’s Secret- Collection 2007